Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Minute Rice

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This 2 pack of minute rice is a great deal on rice! Minute rice has a 2 year shelf life, and this is on sale for 14% off, which is a great deal! 

Toilet Paper

We all learned the importance of having toilet paper in our storage just in case the stores run out! This is a great deal on toilet paper! 25% off while deal lasts!

Portable Stove Top

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This portable stove top is a MUST for any emergency kit! If you have to leave your home, you will need a way to heat your food and clean your water! Grab this one on sale while deal lasts!

First Aid Kit

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Do you have a first aid kit designated for your storage only? I know I go through my normal one pretty quickly, this is a great back up to have in your kit! 40% off while deal lasts!


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You never know when a good rope will come in handy. Every emergency kit should have one in it. This one is 33% off while deal lasts.


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You can never have enough batteries, in storage or Christmas time! Save 30% while deal lasts!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Solar Power Charging Bank

This is a great small and cheaper way to have a backup energy if needed. This solar panel will store energy and give you power if the power goes out! 17% off and save an extra 5% by clipping the coupon!

Emergency Window Ladder

This ladder is great for your home emergency kits! It's a compact ladder that can be used in case of fires! Get out safely and quickly! 47% off!

Survival Vegetable Garden Seeds

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We talked about being prepared to be self sufficient, well this package is great start! All the seeds you'll need to start your own garden!

Emergency Radio

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This emergency radio is compact and perfect for your 72 hour kits. If the power goes out and the grid goes down, you will want to know whats going on in the world, make sure to grab one of these while they are 42% off!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Solar Panels

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Do you have your own emergency energy? What if the power grid goes down? Do you have a way to generate energy and live off the grid? There is a clip coupon off the listed price right now!

Vegetable Gardener's Handbook

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What if you had to plant your own garden? Do you know where to begin? This is great to have now, but also in your home library in case you need it!

Herbal Medicine Book

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Are you prepared? Do you know that it's great to have books like this in your emergency kits? This is 40% off right now! Price subject to change at anytime!